fatboy spheremaker light x 6 spheres

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Do you like gazing up at the stars? Well look no further ... than your own living room ceiling. Fatboy has taken inspiration from our very own solar system (and a beach house in Ibiza?!) to develop the Spheremaker ceiling lights. 

These cheery bulbs, combine a fascination for luminous and round objects (like the planets in our solar system), resulting in the creation of a brand new light. Spheremaker is a mix of round shapes, colours and… light. This cheerful yet romantic light takes full responsibility for a nice atmosphere in your home. 

And unlike the solar system you're in charge of Spheremaker’s look! You can customise the position and the height of the spheres by simply moving them around the base. So you can choose a different composition every day if you want to!

key features 

  • the spheres are made using blow-moulding technology
  • multiple sphere LED light
  • easy to assemble
  • controllable with remote control and continuously dimmable
  • radio frequency remote control reaches up to 10 m
  • ceiling kit included
  • adjustable heights and widths with included magnets and clamps


  • H= 205 CM (max)
  • H= 175 CM (cable)
  • W= 45 CM (6 spheres)

available colour designs: 

  • combination 2: 2 dark grey, 2 light blue and 2 blue


Please use the colour chart above to view the actual colour of each sphere available in the listed combinations. The attached pictures are a guideline only.

Also available with 3 or 9 spheres

  • W= 30 CM (3 spheres)
  • W= 60 CM (9 spheres)


The name ‘Spheremaker’ is a fun collaboration of languages. Sphere means ‘round shape’ but also ‘ambience’, when pronounced in Dutch (‘sfeer’). Therefore, this colourful lamp is definitely the ‘maker’ of a nice atmosphere. * Want to upgrade your interior? Just add some spheres!


All Fatboy products are subject to the standard Fatboy factory guarantee period of 12 months. If your complaint is justified, we are happy to help you. We will repair it, replace it or give you a new replacement part, whatever is necessary.  Just make sure you still have the original invoice as proof of purchase. 

Please note we cannot replace, repair or reimburse in cases of incorrect maintenance or wear and fading due to intensive outdoor use, such as products being left permanently in the summer sun. Even outdoor products should be covered and protected from the blazing Middle East sun, when not in use.

Category: livingroom

Type: Party and deco lights

Vendor: Fatboy

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