Gerard outdoor oven

Gerard is an outdoor fireplace, pizza oven and barbecue in one!
The built-in thermometer ensures that you can keep an eye on the temperature. For direct heating, use the included grill grid. For oven style cooking , open the door, and place your dish on the stone plate.
Lanterfant® outdoor oven Gerard has a rusty finish, that will look more beautiful with age.
Mario Pizza shovel sold separately.


Outdoor fireplace, pizza oven and barbecue in one
Includes thermometer
Two cooking compartments
Heat-resistant materials
Rusty metal look


179 x 40 x 38 cm


Heat resistant material

Keep your oven in optimal condition and follow the supplied instructions and maintenance advice. Stay safe: Never leave children and pets alone when the oven is hot. The fire bowl must be placed in a stable and straight surface. Always read the supplied product information before using the fire bowl.

Pizza oven Gerard consists of several parts. You will find the outdoor oven, a chimney, two pizza stones, a chimney cap, grate, and grill grate. We also provide you with the correct mounting materials, an assembly manual and maintenance instructions.


Lanterfant products are subject to the standard Lanterfant factory guarantee period of 12 months, except for the fabrics on which there is no warranty. If your complaint is justified, we are happy to help you. We will repair it, replace it or give you a new replacement part, whatever is necessary.  Just make sure you still have the original invoice as proof of purchase.

You must protect your furniture with a cover when not in use, regardless of the season. We cannot replace, repair or reimburse in cases of the incorrect maintenance, or wear and fading of fabrics due to intensive outdoor use, such as products being left permanently in the sun. Even outdoor products should be covered and protected from the blazing Middle East sun, salt air, sand and humidity, when not in use.


For orders outside the UAE and Oman please call us on +971 4 323 3636 or email to confirm shipping requirements.

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